Jolliet-Marquette Expedition 3

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On May 17th of this year, we will celebrate the 350th anniversary of Louis Jolliet and Father Jacques Marquette’s land landmark expedition of discovery from the year 1673. The “discovery” that laid the groundwork for the settlement of the interior of the Colonial American Continent.From the Western side of the Appalachian Mountains to as far west of the Mississippi river as colonists would dare. From the Hudson Bay in the North, all the way South to the Gulf of Mexico. All for Louis, The XIV, The King of France in 1673. 
We will be Celebrating and Commemorating this monumentally successful undertaking by that hearty crew of seven men and one young Native American Indian Brave to prove the Mississippi River actually flowed South instead of West.  Again, as eight Voyagers dressed from our Toques to mocassins and everything in between, 2023 historically accurate and correct versions of course, will trace the exact known route of those adventurous and intrepid explorers of old. Paddling two twenty-foot “North” replica Algonquin style birchbark canoes, For example, we will roll into one of the many weekend locations spanning the original four months that it took Marquette and Jolliet to complete on the original 1673 expedition that line the original route taken to spend from one to three days at that location and will become a part of their own local Celebration that will coincide with the big Big picture that we will be bringing. 
Women and Men that can paddle a minimum of two miles without stopping at 60 strokes a minute in a 20-foot canoe. And having canoeing, camping and a desire to learn, and a great attitude skills coming in and leaving are encouraged to apply. We are a Nation of diversity and this Celebration will reflect this. 
These and other requirements that can be met such as a Latin-speaking Jesuit Priest, a violin, mandolin, or guitar player are skills that can but are not fully necessary and will help one to be accepted. A working knowledge of French can help but is also not necessary.  
Want to be a part of this once in a lifetime adventure?
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In May of 2023, we will celebrate the 350th anniversary of the 1673 expedition by Louis Jolliet and Father Jacques Marquette’s landmark expedition that led to the claiming of the entire land and water mass interior of what we now know of as America for Louis XIV, King of France. You have a chance to participate in the re-enactment of a time period that was the golden age of discovery on the North American continent.

We will be reenacting and commemorating the achievement that Jolliet and Marquette accomplished to open up and expand the kingdom of New France.

Want to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure?

The Jolliet-Marquette Expedition 3 is looking for 7 participants that will be in one of 2 canoes paddling, performing, and living the voyager life as we travel by water south to the confluence of the Mississippi and the Arkansas rivers. The expedition will start from St. Ignace Michigan on May 17th, 2023. We are also seeking 4 people for the liaison crew that will travel by vehicle ahead of the main expedition crew verifying that the places we’re scheduled to arrive know we’re coming. Men and women are encouraged to apply for any of the 11 positions on the expedition. We are a diverse nation, and this expedition should reflect this.

There are specific roles and talents we’re looking for to achieve authenticity, such as a Latin speaking Jesuit Priest, a guitar, mandolin, or violin player. All participants will be provided with the necessary clothing and articles that will be historic reflections of the daily life of 1670s voyagers. 21st-century quality versions of course.

All crew members will be taught by a professional ACA instructor on how to efficiently and successfully paddle a 20 foot Ojibwa style canoe. We will also be learning French songs of the 1673 time period. All applicants will need enthusiasm and the ability to learn what is necessary to make this expedition a success. All participants will be compensated as per an agreement hinging on their full participation in the expedition.

In the year 1673, Monsieur  The Count DeFrontenac, Our Governor, and Monsieur Talon, then Our Intendant—appointed—for this undertaking Sieur Jolyet, whom they considered very fit for so great an enterprise; and they were well pleased that Father Marquette should be of the party.

—FR DaBlon, Jesuit Relations

1973 Expedition

In 1973, Ralph Frese, a Northwest side of Chicago resident and owner of the Chicagoland Canoe Base and Blacksmith shop decided to instigate the 300th-anniversary commemoration of the expedition that Jolliet and Marquette accomplished in 1673.

Jolliet Marquette 300th Anniversary

This documentary originally filmed during the 300th anniversary reenactment gives a glimpse into the past and what we seek to achieve with the Jolliet-Marquette Expedition 3.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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